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Firearm Training

In this day and time firearm training is essential to your protection and survival in facing imminent situations. Contact us to schedule your Concealed Pistol License class and any extended firearm training.


Marsh Personal Protection Service is based in Genesee County and is licensed to conduct firearm training.

We offer both individual and group lessons.









Concealed Pistol Licensing

Force on Force Simunition Training (Non Lethal)



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Marsh Personal Protection Service offers extended Firearm Training Services to other security entities that want to train their security officers. We come in to evaluate the security staffing and asses the need for extensive training. We understand that proper training is essential to produce capable and effective security officers. 

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Marsh Personal Protection Service offers a direct training program to school personnel for active shooter scenarios in schools. We offer advanced technology through our Simulator Training with shoot don't shoot scenarios and Force on Force Simunition Training, both of which are non lethal and will enhance your firearm training. 

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Simunition training is currently being used by military and security forces throughout the world. If you're interested in using simunition training for yourself or your security team, reach out to us today!

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